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Cleaning Mold From Carpet

We get a lot of questions about cleaning mold from carpet. Carpet mold often grows after carpets have gotten wet; this may occur as a result of flooding in a home, or as a result of a broken water pipe, or after a leak in the roof, or even after a window has been inadvertently left open during a rain storm. Carpet mold is also common in bathrooms, where warm, moist air creates an ideal climate for mold growth; that’s why we recommend against carpeting bathrooms. Unfortunately, cleaning mold from carpet is often impossible. Most of the time, the carpet must be removed and replaced.

Why Cleaning Mold from Carpet Is Often Impossible

Carpet fibers are porous, meaning they are permeable or penetrable. Essentially, the fibers are full of very tiny holes. Mold grows in these tiny holes and it’s usually impossible to completely remove it. Even if you successfully remove all the visible mold from the carpet, some microscopic mold spores will remain in the tiny pores of the carpet fibers. Most types of mold grow rapidly, so all it will take is a few warm days and a little moisture; then mold will begin to grow and spread across your carpet again.