Hidden Mold and where to find it

Mold often grows in places where you can’t see it or easily reach it to remove it.  For instance, if you see mold growing on a wall like in this toxic mold picture, there is often mold growing inside the wall, as well, where it can grow on the wooden studs and in the insulation.

Mold on Wall

When you have mold growing on a porous surface, like drywall, and in materials such as insulation, it’s impossible to completely remove that mold. Instead, the drywall, insulation, and any other contaminated materials must be removed and replaced with new, mold-free materials.

Strict safety precautions must be taken when removing moldy materials because handling them stirs up microscopic mold spores, which can easily be inhaled. The mold in this toxic mold picture is not just unsightly, it’s extremely hazardous to your health.